MAP Engineering’s Front End Engineering & Design Services

Front End Engineering & Design (FEED) Services occur after conceptual design, or feasibility study, but before detailed design. At this basic stage various studies happen to determine technical issues and estimate investment costs.

Why do you Need a Front End Engineer?

The purpose of front end engineering design is to identify costs for a proposed project. This engineering phase is utilized to establish a base price for the execution phase of the project. During FEED, potential risk of a prospective project is also evaluated.

A good front end engineer will focus on all technical requirements of a future project. Since there are no set guidelines to conduct a Front-End Engineering study, FEED requires an engineer, or a group of engineers, to thoroughly consider the scope of a project by using some, or all, of the following criteria:

Some Industries that Hire Front End Engineers:

MAP Engineering offers Front End Engineering & Design Services for all of these industries. They do everything from A-Z when it comes to engineering disciplines. When you are ready to start your FEED project, contact MAP Engineering. Let them learn about your project needs so they help to exceed your expectations.